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Exit Planning ...

When you start to consider selling your fitness business, getting the best price is a complex process - whether you own a small, boutique gym, a midsize franchise or a large multi-purpose health club. Call us today for a free confidential consultation. 571-989-6375

Sales and Marketing ...

If your bottom line isn’t what you need for an effective sale, our Consulting Team can help you boost enrollment, drive retention and generate referrals by developing an effective sales & marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs, goals & budget. Call us today for a free confidential consultation. 571-989-6375

Adding Profit Centers ...

Ancillary revenue is critical to fiscal success, and if your facility isn’t optimizing non-dues profitability, it needs to be. Our experts bring more than 50 years’ combined experience helping facilities of all sizes develop their profit centers for maximum returns. Call us today for a free confidential consultation. 571-989-6375

Programming for Profits ...

Programming has been called the art of giving your members what they want and the science of doing it affordably. Frequently based on classes available at no additional charge, strong programming can drive memberships as much as any single factor in your club; poor programming is nothing more than a payroll drain costing far more than it delivers. We can help make sure yours lands on the right side of your balance sheet. Call us today for a free confidential consultation. 571-989-6375

Under Cover Boss ...

Even the most diligent owner/operators can’t be onsite 24/7. We can provide 100% confidential secret shopper services for your facility, or your local competition. Our experts know what to look for, and can provide invaluable input about your staff, operations, procedures and the facility itself. Call us today for a free confidential consultation. 571-989-6375


Gym Rescue

" Thank you Coz and Andrew. Sales are up 28% in the worst quarter of the year. Hiring you to open my new business has been the best investment to date."

Kevin , Powerhouse Fitness

Under Cover Boss

" I would have never known my staff was stealing from me without your help. Sales are up again. Thank you so much. Just amazing."


Almost Bought That Lemon

" Thanks Dave. I was ready to buy that other business and would have made a very big mistake without your help. Patience paid off and we love the more profitable gym you found for us."

Taff and Alzinah

Planning an Exit Strategy Services

Selling your fitness business is far more complex than just picking a price and posting a “for sale” sign. Buyers want to know they are getting something of value now, and something with potential for the future. An exit strategy is the game plan that ensures your facility shows that value and demonstrates that potential. Depending on the current fiscal sate of the facility, an exit strategy should be in place between 3-6 months before expecting to attract a qualified buyer. The greater the cash flow, the shorter the exit time frame.

The best way to receive top dollar for a fitness business is by showing good cash flow over the years preceding placing the facility on the market. That means business owners have to be good planners, smart managers and detail oriented operators. They need to have marketing plans in place to keep sales growing, and sound operating protocols to keep control of expenses. It is often a good idea for fitness owner/operators to work with professionals such as business brokers, accountants and specialized consultants in the planning process of their exit strategy to make sure they understand what is necessary to meet their business sale objectives.

Fitness Consulting Services

The American Gym Trader team of Fitness Consultants have more than 30 years’ experience in health club sales, marketing, operations, profit center development, programming, staffing, training & development and more. They have boosted sales, increased referrals, enhanced member satisfaction, driven profits and helped clubs of all sizes, demographics and specializations to achieve better bottom lines.

If you are selling a fitness business, our consultants can help prepare and execute an exit strategy specifically designed to help your facility achieve realistic, obtainable goals in a reasonable time frame, and optimize your selling price.

If you are buying a fitness business, they can help analyze the local competition, assess the existing operation and put the pieces in place to transform a marginally profitable purchase into a stronger and more successful facility. Either way, it’s their job to know what you don’t.

Broker Services

American Gym Trader has helped gym owners sell their business for the best possible price to the best possible buyers. From due diligence to marketing to closing, our experts will make the process as painless as possible and completely confidential.

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Meet the team...

The American Gym Trader team of Fitness Consultants headed up by Andrew Levine and Cosmo Wollan have more than 30 years experience in health club sales, marketing and operations.

Ask an expert. You'll be glad you did.


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